ARDEX SUPERFLEX WPM001 20kgs or 6.5 Kgs

Ardex WPM 001 (Superflex Premixed) is a tough, ready
to use waterproofing membrane specifically designed
for use under tiles. Ardex WPM 001 has been uniquely
formulated with synthetic microfibres to increase its
strength and eliminate the need for a separate reinforcement
mat. Ardex WPM 001 is based on the most advanced
acrylic polymer technology, and is totally resistant to
re-emulsification once cured.
Ardex WPM 001 is flexible, safe to use, low in odor, and
is fully compatible with polymer modified tile adhesives.
Ardex WPM 001 is one of the fastest drying one parts
acrylic membranes on the market – normally ready to
tile in 48 hours @ 23°C.

Fast-drying Ardex WPM 001 can be tiled over in
48 hours in non critical areas*

Liquid reinforced: Excellent strength eliminates the need
for reinforcing mat