Kerapoxy Design is a two-component, decorative, acid resistant epoxy grout, ideal for glass mosaics. May be used as an adhesive. Kerapoxy Design may be mixed with up to 10% by weight of MapeGlitter, metalized coloured glitter, to create particular special effects.

If you would like to buy the kit with glitter, please order this product instead.

Applications: Decorative grouting of internal and external tiled floors and walls, in particular for glass mosaic. Also suitable for an acid resistant bond to all substrates normally used in the building industry.
Installing and grouting floors and walls in showers and bathrooms.
Installing and grouting in swimming pools, especially recommended for pools containing spa or sea water.


Mapei Kerapoxy Mapegliter needs the Kerapoxy plus glitter that is a separate product.


Mapei Kerapoxy Design Epoxy Grout

Technical Data:
Pot Life: 45 Minutes
Open Time: 30 Minutes
Set to light foot traffic: 24 Hours
Ready for use: 4 Days
Colour: 7 different colours neutral
Application: Suitable notched trowel
Storage: 24 Months
Consumption: When used as an adhesive 2-4kg/m2
Packaging: 3kg Unit (part A and B)