With creative boundaries having been "pushed" within recent times,
tilers are constantly challenged every day with new design scenarios, and
ways in which to make their tiling job look better.
Gone are the days in which tiles were purely a floor covering - most
tiled floors are now in one form or another incorporated into the building
design to become a major feature, whether it be through variation in use
of colors, or in actual layout design.
In instances where floor design incorporates different colors and
shapes, tiling angle is commonly used to create a clean "break" in the
colours or shapes by providing a clear, defined line.
B.A.T. Tiling Angles are able to be pre-"notched" so that when used in
installations where intricate shapes are involved they can be shaped or
formed to comply with the intricacies of the design.
For installations/projects where shapes are too intricate or radii too
tight to be formed by hand on-site, B.A.T. Trims also offers a custom
forming and / or rolling service at a nominal fee.
We invite our customers to contact us with regard to advising about design
or installation.