Stainless Steel angle for tiling 3 mts

The main purpose for Stainless Steel Angle is to provide protection of tiled surfaces against chipping and wear.
Although similar in purpose to both the Aluminium and Brass Angles,
Stainless Steel is used in applications where far superior mechanical
and chemical properties are required.  It also provides an attractive
finish in installations that include polished fixtures.
Stainless Steel is highly recommended in areas where strict sanitary
requirements / regulations are in place ( i.e: food preparation areas,
hospitals, swimming pool areas etc. ) and areas where exposure to strong
chemicals is prevalent.
Stainless Steel is roll-formed from 1mm thick steel.
Stainless Steel Angle is available in two grades - Grade 304 (Standard)
which can be used extensively in domestic and some commercial
environments, however should be limited only to applications where
exposure to water is intermittent, and Grade 316 (Marine Grade), which
can be used in most environments where both exposure to harsh cleaning
solutions, and frequent