Tile Trim Stainless Half Round Angle #304 for Tiling 2.5 mtr

Like the B.A.T. Aluminium Half Round Trim, the Stainless Steel Half Round Trim is versatile in it's application.

The Stainless Steel Half Round Trim can be used horizontally to finish off bath-hobs or benchtops, or vertically to finish off wall tiling applications, with the added bonus of being a highly durable material that is both resistant to bacteria, and physically stronger - capable of resisting high impact blows etc. in commercial applications.
Stainless Steel Half Round Trim is highly recommended in areas where strict sanitary regulations are in place (i.e: shopping centres, food preparation areas etc. ), and where areas may be subject to harsh cleaning materials.

The Stainless Steel Half Round is available in both Grade 304
(Standard), where the trim is subject to intermittent exposure to water



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