Sikaflex-PRO is a one component, thixotropic, polyurethane based joint
sealant. It cures under the influence of atmospheric moisture to form an elastomeric material with adhesive properties, in some cases without the need for priming of the substrate.
Sikaflex-PRO is supplied throughout the world by Sika and conforms to the
most stringent sealant standards, for example:
■ BS4254: For one part polyurethane based sealants for the building industry.
■ JIS A 5758: For one part polyurethane based sealants for the construction industry.
As an elastic joint sealant for:
■ Expansion joints in buildings and civil structures above and below ground.
■ Construction joints. Joints in precast concrete elements.External walling and cladding joints.Infill panel joints.Curtain walling.Sanitary installations.Sealing around window and door frames.Flexible draught proofing.
■ Sealing penetrations in walls or floors for ducts, piping etc.
■ Retaining walls.Sealing joints in water retaining structures (water reservoirs)
■ New Sikaflex-PRO will bond well to well cleaned Sikaflex-PRO.
■ Excellent adhesion on all cement based materials, brick ceramics, polyurethane, epoxy, most polyester, most metals and most timbers.
■ High durability.Good weathering resistance.
■ Non-sag on vertical and soffit joints up to 30 mm width.
■ Short skinning time.Short cut off string, even after storage.
■ Ready for immediate use – no mixing, saves time.
■ No potential mixing errors or wastage due to mixed quantities being greater than required.Non-corrosive.
■ Can be painted over with many water, solvent and rubber based paints (preliminary tests recommended).
■ Approved for use in potable water (AS4020:2005).
■ Resistant to bacterial attack.

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Weight 0.4 kg
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