Kemgrout Grout Colour Chart


Kemgrout Flexible

Waterproof tile grout – mould and fungi resistant
Description: A dense, smooth, hard wearing, flexible polymer modified portland cement floor and wall grouting compound with resistance to mould and fungi growth for joints up to 5mm wide.
Easy to use and clean
Dense, flexible and hard wearing
Colour match tiles
Mould and fungi resistant

Kemgrout Sanded

Fine-finish waterproof tile grout – chemical & acid resistant
Description: A fine-finish dense hard-wearing waterproof portland cement, floor and wall grouting compound with resistance to mild chemical and acid attack for joints 2mm to 10mm wide.

Fine-sanded grout with a smooth finish
Easy to use and clean
Dense, hard-wearing
Colour matches tiles, stone, slate etc.
Resistance to mild chemicals and acids


Water washable epoxy grout
Description: A three component water washable, chemical resistant epoxy tile grout for joints up to 10mm. Available in two grades, Epegrout Smooth and Epegrout Trade. Epegrout is for use by experienced tradespeople only.
Excellent adhesion to damp and dry surfaces
Waterproof, hygienic, hard-wearing and impact resistant
Clean up with water
Simple 1:1 resin hardener ratio
Good resistance to chemical attack, ie, dilute acid and alkaline detergents, oils, fats, salts and solvents