To Remove Efflorescence – Read entire label before using. Do not dilute product. For best results it is recommended to pre-wet the surface with water, avoid puddling and remove excess water before applying solution. Apply solution with mop, sponge applicator, paint roller or brush. Allow to dwell 30-60 minutes. Do not allow solution to dry on surface. Apply additional solution if drying occurs. Agitate with scrub brush or scrub machine. Thoroughly rinse with clean water. For vertical surfaces a garden hose or high-pressure washer may be used to rinse area. Mop or wet vacuum up dirty solution. Heavily built-up efflorescence may require additional applications and a longer dwell time. Allow area to dry 24 hours prior to sealing area with any Aqua Mix® sealer.

To Inhibit Efflorescence – Apply a thin coat of solution with mop, sponge applicator, paint roller or brush. Scrub into surface with scrub brush or scrub machine. DO NOT RINSE. Wipe dry any product remaining on the surface. Two to three treatments may be required to fully inhibit efflorescence. Allow area to dry 24 hours prior to sealing area with any Aqua Mix® sealer.