Aqua Mix® Non-Cement Grout Haze Remover is a safe cleaner that effectively removes Component®, premixed, urethane, and light epoxy grout haze from the face of most common tile and natural stone products

Key Features:

  • Removes single component, urethane and light epoxy grout haze
  • Non-acidic formula

Suitable Tile Types:

Natural stone (such as granite, limestone, slate and travertine), ceramic, porcelain, quarry, Saltillo.

Limitations to the Product:

  • Do not allow cleaner to come in contact with any non-recommended surface
  • Do not use excessive amounts of water during clean-up process as grout pigment may be washed out.
  • Avoid scrubbing directly on the grout joints.
  • For moderate-heavy epoxy grout haze or any epoxy grout haze cured for more than 7 days, use Aqua Mix® Sealer & Coating Remover

Application of Product:

USE CHEMICAL-RESISTANT GLOVES, such as nitrile, when handling product. DO NOT KNEEL IN THIS PRODUCT. AVOID ALL SKIN CONTACT. Read entire label before using. Put on rubber gloves and eye protection

  1. Grout installations should be cured overnight at a minimum and be clean
  2. Sweep, vacuum, or wipe surface
  3. Apply solution to surface and allow to dwell for the time indicated below: Time Grout has Cured Grout Type 24 hrs 4-7 days 28+ days Single Component, Premixed and Urethane 5-10 sec 1 min 3-5 min Light Epoxy Haze 2-3 min 5 min n/a
  4. After dwell time, agitate with a white nylon scrub brush or scrub pad.
  5. Clean up dirty solution. Do not allow

Cleaning of equipment:

Clean tools with water before material dries.

Data Sheets:

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

VOC Content:

Maximum VOCs:  25 grams per litre