FOR REMOVING DEEP-SET OIL AND GREASE STAINS: Read entire label before using. Mix Poultice Stain Remover powder with water to form a thick, pliable paste. Quantity of Poultice Stain Remover needed will depend on size of stain. Apply a 1/4″ (6 mm) thick layer of paste directly over stain with at least a 1″ (25 mm) overlap beyond edge of stain. Cover with plastic or wax paper. Poke a few very small holes in plastic cover to allow for minimum air exposure. Allow paste to stand on stain for 24 to 48 hours. Remove Poultice Stain Remover with plastic spatula or plastic putty knife and wash off residue with clean water. Repeat procedure if necessary. If area darkens from absorbed moisture, it should dry completely within 5 to 7 days.

FOR REMOVING SURFACE STAINS AND GROUT RESIDUE: Read entire label before using. Protect surrounding areas from splattering to minimize cleanup. Pre-wet a manageable area of the surface with water, approximately 10 ft (1 M) and sprinkle Poultice Stain Remover onto the area mixing into a thin slurry. If surface is vertical, mix slurry in a container and apply to pre-wet surface. Agitate by hand or with low RPM (175-350 RPM) buffer using a white nylon scrub pad. Keep surface wet throughout buffing process. Remove Poultice Stain Remover solution with clean towels or sponge and rinse twice with clean water. A wet/dry vacuum may be used. Rinse with clean water and buff dry with clean towels