Ardex EG15 Epoxy (5kgs Powder only)


Add ARDEX Colour Pack (Part C filler) in incremental amounts
until a non-slump consistency with uniform colour is obtained.
Filler addition can be adjusted to accommodate site conditions
(e.g. ambient temperatures, joint width). Coverage will vary
dependant on the amount of filler added. Reducing filler
decreases coverage and makes clean up more difficult. For
wider joints, more filler may be necessary to obtain a firmer,
non-slump consistency. To extend the pot life, spread the mix
onto a non-absorbent surface (e.g. plastic sheet) at a thickness
not exceeding 15mm and begin application.
To optimise the workability, incorporate less ARDEX Colour
Pack Part C filler at low temperatures and more Part C filler at
high temperatures into the mix. MPA 70

Additional information

Dimensions 0.51 × 0.51 × 0.66 m

600 White, 641 Misty Grey, 673 Magellan Grey, 611 Slate Grey, 677 Travertine, 680 Havana, 687 Charred Ash, 644 Black Size