Calcium Chloride (concrete additive) 1 Kg


Why Calcium Chloride in Concrete?
Investigations have shown that a two per cent addition of calcium chloride has equal cure strength at 50F as plain concrete has at 70F. Regardless of the temperature or cement type, concrete mixes containing calcium chloride will always have a faster cure rate than plain concrete. The beneficial effects of calcium chloride will be even more pronounced at lower temperatures. The accelerated cure rate measured as final concrete set time can be reduced by two-thirds when two per cent calcium chloride is added - two hours compared to six hours for plain concrete.*Morris Chemicals & S.E.R.T.'s calcium chloride can accelerate cement hydration reducing its set time.

That means:
high initial strength
• reduced final set time
• reduced bleeding
• improved workability
• fast form work turnaround
• greater cost effectiveness
• beneficial when used with fly ash
*Effect of Calcium Chloride on Portland Cements and Concretes. Paul Rapp, Highway Research Board Publication.
Do not use more than 2% of weight of cement NO MORE THAN 2%