DAVCO K10 GREY (pick up only)

Davco k10

Green or grey colour

Davco K10 Plus is a flexible, single pack water-based polyurethane waterproofing membrane, which is capable of drying in approximately 6-8 hours @ 20°C depending on the number of coats required. It is available in two colors - green and grey.


  • Waterproofing of internal and external wet areas, such as showers, bathrooms, terraces and balconies, which can be tiled over if required, using Davco cement-based adhesives
  • Ideal for roofs, including walkways and other exposed situations, as it is UV stable and foot trafficable
  • Suitable for retaining walls and planter boxes provided that adequate drainage is in place

Features & Benefits:

  • A tough flexible membrane film which eliminates the needs for a reinforcing layer
  • UV stable
  • Also foot trafficable
  • K10 Plus can be applied with airless spray equipment, allowing for faster installations, reducing time on the job
  • Does not stain tiles or marble
  • Class III membrane
  • Being liquid applied membrane, the risk of failure along the seams as in sheet membranes is eliminated