Efflock is a revolutionary bulk impregnation additive to prevent efflorescence being realised from cement-based building materials.
It an additive for cement screeds, tile beds, tile adhesive and tile grout. When added at the time of mixing, it bulk impregnates the entire floor and make it impervious.

Using Efflock means efflorescence is controlled very effectively by repelling water from entering the tiny pores of concrete that acts to dissolve inherent salts and free lime that cause efflorescence, or 'white leaching' that is all too often observed on modern buildings. To date, no other approach is as effective.

The other major benefit of using Efflock in a tiled bathroom or balcony situation, is Efflock creates a permeable, hydrophobic barrier against leaks. Efflock dramatically reduces water absorption, and stops the migration of water through tile grout, tile adhesive and tile beds.