Epoxy Glass GENERAL A=1KG + B=500GRS

Epoxy Glass is a semi solid epoxy resin from General. It can be used for bonding both natural and synthetic material to other materials such as wood, metal, glass, concrete etc. It even has good adhesion to difficult surfaces or humid materials where the polyester adhesives have poor or low adhesion. Its characteristics also make it suitable for application on vertical surfaces and the negligible shrinkage allows the filling of deep micro-cracks and hollows with only one operation.

Epoxy Glass has a very high transparency with little yellowing.

How to use it.
Make sure the surface is clean and grease free. Mix carefully component A and
component B in the exact ratio of A:B=100:50. It is suggested that by mixing a
small quantity (max. 400-500 grams) at a time gives you longer to work it before the hardening reaction starts. After 8 to 10 hours it is possible to move the bonded piece and after 24 hours from the application the piece can be grinded/polished.

Colour: high transparency with little yellowing.

Mix Ratio: 1:0.5
Gelling Time at 20C: 20-30 mins
Hardening Time at 20C: 4 hrs

 Epoxy Resin Semi Solid Epoxy Glass 1500ml Part A&B

It doesn’t adhere to silicon
- It doesn’t adhere to polyethylene
- It doesn’t adhere to teflon
- It doesn’t adhere to some plastics



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