Specific product for crystallization of marble surfaces.To restore the original shine and gloss of the marble
and terrazzo floors

Only for materials calcium carbonate based: marble, terrazzo, marble agglomerates etc

How to use
First, verify the absence of serious defaults. Uneven floors or/and full of gaps or deeply scratched must be grinded / polished again by using abrasives of grain 400.Operate only on dry floors. Spread on the floor
small quantities of Crystal Marble and, using a single-brush equipped by a fine steel-wool disk, work with
circular and even movement avoiding brusque direction change of the machine or the movement by
fits and starts.
Treat small surfaces of 4-5 square meters (40-50 square feet) each time. Work with the single-brush
machine until the product is completely absorbed and the floor is looking dry again. Avoid to use the steel-
wool disks too much wet and replace them frequently (once dry the disks can be used again). The shine effect can be enhanced by a subsequent application of the special wax Monocera