This product is classed as 'Dangerous Goods' and must be prepared and shipped in accordance with the relevant 'Dangerous Goods' regulations. This product is available for 'Pickup In Store' ONLY or alternatively contact us at info@sydneyhardware.com.au to arrange special 'Dangerous Goods' shipping to your location

Typical Uses:

  • Etching concrete floors prior to painting.
  • pH adjuster for pool water.
  • Brick cleaning.
  • Metal cleaning.
  • Chemical manufacturing.


  • Colourless liquid with a very sharp, biting odour (do not inhale).
  • Widely used in mining, building and pool industries.


For Brick Cleaning & Etching
1. Remove lumps of cement with a scraper. Wet bricks thoroughly with water to prevent acid soaking into the bricks – failing to do so could result in bricks turning yellow/ green.
2. Mix 1 part of Diggers Hydrochloric Acid with up to 10 parts water.
3. Apply acid solution with a broad brush and then rinse off with water once chemical reaction (frothing) has ended.


Can be used for, etching concrete floors prior to painting, pH adjuster for pool water, brick cleaning, metal cleaning or chemical manufacturing.