KR33 Marble Sealer Natura

KR33 marble sealer

Product Description
Stone sealer. Water base


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 Always do a small trial area first in an inconspicuous area to ensure application competence and satisfaction with results.

Ensure surface to be sealed is sound and dry, thoroughly clear and free from oils, grease, paint, grout or cement, efflorescence or acids.

Apply using a dry absorbent white cloth, lambswool applicator or a sprayer. It is very important that any sealer that has not absorbed into the tile must be thoroughly wiped off within 10mins after application. Allow 60mins for the 1st coat to dry, and then apply a 2nd coat.

If excess sealer has dried on the surface, slightly wet a cloth with Sealer, buff to remove. The excess may be able to be cleaned off surfaces 24 hours later with neutral cleaner and a nylon scouring pad.

Cure time - Sealers will cure completely within 24 hours. However the sealed tiles can be walked on after approximately 60 minutes.

It is important that no water comes in contact with the newly sealed tiles for at least 4 hours after application