Lintel Steel Flat Bar 85x7 Gal

Flat Bar

The innovative design of Galintel® products enables weight savings of up to 40% while maintaining strength, structural rigidity and load bearing capacity.

Galintel® products are hot-dip galvanised to Australian Standards to ensure that all surfaces (legs, edges and ends) are fully protected.

Products undergo CSIRO Building Products & Systems Appraisal and comply with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia. Engineering certification of structural adequacy is verified by independent testing at the University of NSW and Sydney University.

Galintels® are approved by housing authorities and local government bodies in all states.



This product is classified as 'Dangerous Goods' or 'Fragile' or 'Over-sized' and must be prepared and shipped in accordance with special shipping conditions / regulations. This product is available via:

1) 'Pickup In Store' from our store in St Peters, NSW or

2) 'Local Delivery' within 30km radius from our store in St Peters, NSW 


 Alternatively contact us at to arrange special 'Dangerous Goods shipping' or ‘Oversize Goods shipping’ to your location.