Mapei Ultracare HD Cleaner 5LT

ULTRACARE HD CLEANER is a high performance, concentrated, pro-grade detergent and degreaser for removing dirt of organic origin and for deep-down cleaning of surfaces. It is also effective in removing water-based and metallic wax and is used at different concentrations according to specific need.

Suitable for deep-down cleaning and non-scheduled maintenance, preparing surfaces prior to renovation or application of a new treatment. Removes dirt of organic nature, water-based and metallic wax and tough stains/grease from substrates resistant to alkalis.


  • High performance
  • Contact time (5 minutes)
  • Rotating cleaning machine
  • Biodegradability
  • Highly effective degreaser
  • Highly efficient deep cleaner for extra-ordinary maintenance
  • Perfect to clean surfaces for tile-on-tile installations
  • Can be used to remove water based metalized waxes