MARBLE SEALER EVER CLEAN (pick up or dangerous goods transport)

Marble Sealer Ever Clean 1 lt and 5 lts Plurifuntional anti-stain anti-seepage protecting agent for marble, granite, natural stone, concrete brick works and unglazed ceramics. Ever Clean is formulated by special molecular elements on solvent basis, free from corrosive elements. No film nor colour change and the natural transpiration of the materials is not interfered. High protecting action against oil seepage and alien substances damaging and deteriorating the materials.




This product is solvent based and therefore classed as 'Dangerous Goods' and must be prepared and shipped in accordance with the relevant 'Dangerous Goods' regulations. This product is available for 'Pickup In Store' ONLY from our Sydney store or Brisbane reseller or alternatively contact us at to arrange special 'Dangerous Goods' shipping to your location.