MARBLE WAX MONOCERA PASTE 1 lt . (no solvent) post safe

The use of the wax is the oldest aesthetic-protecting treatment for marbles, granites, natural stones; the wax protects the underneath material from abrasions, scratches, infiltrations and properly “worked” (rubbing-polishing operation) revives the colours and gives the surfaces shining and reflecting. So, also today the use of the wax let we see the fascination that marbles and granites of the most amazing palaces of the ancient times have. NATURAL WAX is suggested for all kind of natural stone having high, medium and low porosity and absorption as it develops impermeable and reviving effect, hides light imperfections and enhances the veining so the stones are more beautiful without any change or alteration of the natural aspect. The presence of hard waxes allows to obtain very glossy surfaces. . When compared to the fluid waxes, the paste waxes have a higher concentration of active substance (wax), the presence of water is lower and consequently the drying times are shorter and by using the paste waxes also the vertical surfaces will be shining.