Martello Cuturi

Martello Cuturi

Please call for price regarding these hammers.

Sizes available: D-E-A-V-U-T-S




1-When not using the hammer keep it constantly lubricated and store in clean dry place.

Before using the hammer make sure that is moist, condensed air is not leaking from your compressor into the air hoses. Open the moisture relief valve at the bottom of the compressor for a brief ammount of time as necessary. Excessive moist air will cause both the cylinder and piston to rust and will consequently lead to piston seizure.

Lubricate the air hanmer by pouring several drops of machine air gun oil into the air connection hose.

2-In order to ensure optimum performance and to avoid overheating, the air pressure should not exceed 5 atmospheres (70 P.S.I.) Gino Cuttury, has determined that air pressure not exceeding 5 atm is ideal. Use ear protection, unvibration gloves, and glasses against chips to comply with sefety requirements, for noise, vibration and health regulations.

3-We recomend that you always use chisels, tooth chisels bush hammering tools etc that have been turned on a lathe to specially fit air hammers. Also in order to avoid splitering the piston of the air hammer be sure that the percussive surface of the chisel is perfecty flat.