Neutral Cleaner Spirit

NEUTRAL CLEANER Technical Data Sheet Product Description An environmentally friendly cleaner that is safe to use on all surfaces.Spirit Neutral Cleaner is the ideal cleaner to use for the regular maintenance of sealed and unsealed surfaces.Features & BenefitsEnvironmentally friendly, biodegradable pH neutral detergentSafe to use on all natural stone and tiles.Contains no soap, alkaline or phosphatesCompletely streak free cleaning (excellent glass and mirror cleaner)Suitable for surfaces sealed or unsealedGreat for stone countertops & polished stone or polished porcelain tilesHighly dilutable(1 litre is capable of making 100ltrs of cleaner)Pleasant floral aroma Where to useAll natural stone surfaces from polished to exfoliatedCeramic Tiles, Polished & Matt Porcelain Tiles Windows & MirrorsAs a neutralising rinse after using stronger cleaners like Phosphoric Acid, H.D.Cor Bright AsConcrete & Clay PaversAll concrete surfaces Method of application1.Mix neutral cleaner with clean water to the desired strength2.Spread over the area to be cleaned & allow to sit/dwell for 3-5 minutes3.Agitate/scrub the surface with the appropriate grade nylon scouring pad4.Remove the dirty water with a dense mop. (Using a wet/dry vac is the ideal way)