OLD AGE is a further update of the range of the sealers and protecting agents with reviving effect.
The product, conveyed by solvents of slow evaporation, making any film in surface, penetrates in depth also into the smaller micro-porosities of the materials and grants to the treated support a multiplicity of effects:

- Wet and enhancing effect not turning yellow, stable to the atmospheric agents;
Water and oil repellent with development of an anti dirt barrier, but keeping unchanged the natural transpiration of the treated materials;
- Strengthening and anti powdering effect.
Permanent reviving and protection of the treated surfaces

Preparing the surface:

Clean carefully the surfaces to be treated that must be dry, absorbent and free from alien and greasy substances or friable parts.

Application: Apply with clean cotton cloth or tampon and rub to help the penetration. Let the product work 10 to 15 minutes and then, with other clean and dry cotton cloth, always remove the eventual excess of not absorbed product before they dry on the surface in order to avoid halos and opacities impossible to remove once dried.

Attention. Never walk on the treated surface until it is completely dry (24 hours, suggested).

OLD AGE is ready to use and it highly concentrated and normally it is not needed a second application. Always apply a limited quantity of product and evaluate after 24 hours if it is needed a further intensification.

To enhance the effect, after the complete drying, it is possible to polish the surface buy using a single-brush machine fitted with polishing felt



This product is classified as 'Dangerous Goods' or 'Fragile' or 'Over-sized' and must be prepared and shipped in accordance with special shipping conditions / regulations. This product is available via:

1) 'Pickup In Store' from our store in St Peters, NSW or

2) 'Local Delivery' within 30km radius from our store in St Peters, NSW




Alternatively contact us at info@sydneyhardware.com.au to arrange special 'Dangerous Goods shipping' or ‘Oversize Goods shipping’ to your location.