Phosphoric Acid Cleaner Spirit

Product Description A safe to use acid cleaner designed to remove grout residue for newly tiled surfaces. It also is very effective at removing rust, efflorescence & hard water deposits. Features + BenefitsHeavy duty acidic cleanerHighly concentrated with added detergentsBreaks down grout haze and mortar residueMade from safe food grade acidsSafer than hydrochloric acid, no fumes Where to useSome natural stone surfaces such as Granite, Basalt & SandstoneTerracotta, Tessellated tilesCeramic tiles, porcelain & grout jointsClay bricks & pavers

Method of application1.Mix Phosphoric Acid cleaner with clean water to the desired strength(follow instructions on the back of the bottle carefully.2.Wet the area to be cleaned first.3.Allow to stand for 1-2minutes keeping the surface wet with the cleaner.4.Now scrub the surface vigorously with the appropriate grade nylon scouring pad or bristle brush.5.Rinse well with Neutral Cleaner at a dilution rate of 20 parts clean water to 1 part Neutral Cleaner to neutralize any residual acid solution.