Poliep Adhesive,Glue for Humid or Wet Materials General

POLIEP adhesive/glue has mechanical and adhesion characteristics superior to all the standard polyester adhesives; this is due to the contemporary presence into the formula of epoxy compounds combined to unsaturated monomers that make mix of hybrid resins with styrene, thixotropic agents, stabilizing agents, mineral fillers. This allowing safe gluing / bonding also in difficult conditions. POLIEP is different from Poliepoxy, of which keeps the main characteristics, because of: • longer working time (better wettability also on less porous supports: iron, etc.); • longer self-life and stability; • low odour and styrene controlled emission thanks to the presence of appropriated inhibitors; • better polishing result thanks to the presence of suitable and studied mineral fillers. 

Permanent bonding/gluing of MARBLE, GRANITE, STONES, IRON, WOOD. Subject to verification test on site, it can be used also on humid or wet supports.


This product is classified as 'Dangerous Goods' or 'Fragile' or 'Over-sized' and must be prepared and shipped in accordance with special shipping conditions / regulations. This product is available via:

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