Technical data sheet: MICROLUX, GRANITEK, GRANIT GRES page 1 of 2 INDUSTRIA CHIMICA GENERAL S.r.l. - Via Repubblica S. Marino, 8 - 41122 MODENA, ITALY tel. (+39) 059.450.991 / 059.450.978 fax (+39) 059.450.615 www.generalchemical.it e-mail: mail@generalchemical.itFactory # 1: Via Repubblica S. Marino, 8 - 41122 Modena Factory # 2: Via Uralita, 7 - Loc. Zerbinate - 44012 Bondeno (FE) POLISHING POWDERS for GRANITES, HARD and COLOURED MARBLES, GRES PORCELAIN TILES These products, in powder form, are recommended for polishing all types of granite, as well as hard marble such as GreenAlpi, Grey Carnico, Black Portoro and for all types of marble whose surface is hardened by impurities and gres porcelain tiles. Thanks to the use of high-level abrasives in these products, a perfect polish can be obtained. These formulas are designed for use with 100-200 rpm floor polishing machines fitted with wool felt pads. The complete absence of chemical polish, specifically oxalic acid, avoids causing friction heat on the marble surface, thereby preventing oxalic acid “burn" marks. At the same time, the presence of metallic powder assures a seal that covers even the smallest surface imperfections. The granular dimensions of the powder (fineness) have been exhaustively researched, formulated and balanced to allow for the fastest and most economical machine polishing on marble that is pre-polished at 400 or even 600 grain; these products will yield a completely stable and long-lasting polish. Testing a small, hidden area is recommended before application to evaluate the effect obtained, rate of consumption and correct amount to use for the particular marble surface in question.

Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye protection

Irritant: Irritating to eyes. In case of eye contact, rinse with pleanty of water and seek medical advice

Only use in a well ventilated area
Do not breathe mist or spray
Keep out of reach of children
Keep away from pets
Avoid contact with eyes and skin
Wash hands after use
If swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting. seek medical advice immediately and show this container and label
Store in a cool, dry place