Proyalbi Fino

Mixing and ApplicationProyalbi® Fino can be prepared in a bucket by drill or by trowel on a table. In all cases clean, uncontaminated water must be used and the material be mixed in small quantities, approximately half a bag at a time (depending on the number of ‘finishing trowel-hands’ applying the material).Approximately 0.6-0.8 litres of clean water is required for every 1 kg of Proyalbi® Fino mixed. The average working time for Proyalbi® Fino, after mixing is 50 minutes (depending on temperature, humidityand air movement on the site)

When mixed with water, Proyalbi® Fino is applied by hand over Proyalbi® Plus base coat and sometimes directly onto rendered surfaces on most walling substrates at thicknesses from 1 to 2mm in one coating.Where Proyalbi® Plus has been applied as the base coat it is normal to use two coats of Fino to finish the wall. With other base coats (like render) 2 3 coats may be required