Salt Retard


As a controlled waterproofing additive to ensure that residual hygroscopic salts are discouraged from moving to the new surface during the drying out of the walls after the installation of a Westox 50 Chemical Injection Dampproof Course thus preventing secondary dampness problems.


Material should be machine mixed for consistency.

  • Three (3) parts sand
  • One (1) part cement (Type GP)
  • One (1) part Westox Salt Retarder to forty (40) parts water.  Eg 500mls to 20 Litres water.

As a 10mm backing render to walls.  If a cement render finish is required, apply Westox Salt Retarder mix (minimum 10mm) and scratch the surface to provide a mechanical key, after initial set of cement is reached, (approximately 2-4 hours) apply normal render mix (using type GP cement only) and finish in usual manner.  If hard plaster finish to be used, apply after render coat has been allowed to set overnight.

  • Do not add lime, plasticisers or plaster master to Salt Retarder mix.