SIKA MONOTOP - 615 HB / 352 NFG 20 kgs

Sika Mono Top 615 HB 20 kgs

Sika® MonoTop-615 is a one component cement based polymer modified high build repair and reprofiling mortar, meeting the requirements of Class R3 of BS EN 1504-3

R3 Cementitious High Build Concrete Repair Mortar


As a repair mortar on concrete structures affected by spalling due to corroding reinforcement.

As a concrete patching and reprofiling mortar for the treatment of:

Honeycombing and voids caused by faulty formwork.
Broken upstands, ribs, edges, etc. on architectural units.
Break outs for service entrances in walls and slabs etc.

For use in conjunction with the Sika concrete repair system:
SikaTop-110 EpoCemBonding Mortar and Reinforcement Protection.
Sika MonoTop-615 HBPatching Mortar.
Sika MonoTop-620Fairing Coat.


  • One-component system requires only the addition of clean water.
  • Easily applied and worked.
  • Adjustable consistency to suit application.
  • Non-sagging in vertical and overhead work.
  • Layers of up to 80 mm in one application are possible on vertical surfaces.
  • Compatible with the thermal expansion properties of concrete.
  • Contains shrinkage compensating admixture.
  • Free from chlorides.
  • Non-corrosive to reinforcing steel.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Applicable by trowel or suitable wet-mix process spray equipment.
  • Approved for use in potable water (AS4020-1999)

Storage and Shelf Life :Stored in the original sealed packaging in dry conditions, this product will keep for at least ine (9) months.

Instructions for Use:Surface Preparation

Correct and thorough surface preparation is essential to achieve the high adhesive qualities of Sika MonoTop mortars.All surfaces must be clean, sound and free from dust, ice, oils, grease or other surface contaminants such as curing membranes and form release agents etc.Concrete, Mortar, Stone: Mechanically abrade the surface with a needle gun, mechanical wire brush, grind, grit or water blast. All surface laitance must be removed.The strength of the concrete or mortar substrate should be at least 20MPa.The prepared substrate should be thoroughly soaked with clean water until uniformly saturated, leaving no standing water, ie. Saturated Surface Dry(SSD) condition.

Bonding Bridge: To the prepared substrate apply Sika MonoTop-610 or SikaTop-110 EpoCemas a bonding bridge in accordance with the instructions on the Technical Data Sheet. In some circumstances alternate bonding bridge material may be preferableeg. Sikadur-32; please consult Sika’s Technical Department for furtherinformation.In all cases the bonding bridge must be tacky at the time of applying Sika MonoTop-615HB, ie. wet on wet application.

Mixing: Sika MonoTop-615 HB should be mechanically mixed in a forced action mixer or in a clean drum using a low speed drill and spiral mixer (max. 500rpm).Pour 90% of the recommended water content into the mixing vessel, slowly add the powder while continuing to mix. Continue mixing until a uniform homogenous consistency is achieved (minimum 3 minutes) then add the remaining water until the desired application consistency is obtained.If Sika MonoTop-615 HB begins to stiffen within a few minutes of mixing, it may be necessary to remix the mortar to regain a smooth, workable mix.Note that the recommended water addition of 3 litres per 20kg bag can be adjusted by plus or minus 10% to achieve the desired application necessary.

Application: Sika MonoTop-615 HB must be applied wet on wet to the substrate previously primed with Sika MonoTop-610, SikaTop-110 EpoCem or Sikadur-32. Work the mortar well into the ubstrate, using a placing rather than a rendering technique to fill all pores and voids. Compact well.Force material against the edge of the repair, working towards the centre.For repairs in excess of 80mm deep, apply in layers ensuring previous layers are well keyed and hardened.

Application of a bonding bridge between layers is recommended to ensure optimum bond.

Finishing:When the applied mortar has stiffened, but no dried, various methods may be employed to obtain the desired surface finish, eg. steel trowel, wooded float,styrofoam block or sponge.

The addition of water to the surface to obtain the desired finish is not recommended as this may cause colour variations and surface cracking.Where Sika MonoTop-615 HB is to be overcoated with a fairing mortar (eg. Sika MonoTop-620) or protective coating (eg. Sikagard-680S) the surface should be finished to provide a fine gripping texture.

Cleaning : Remove soft Sika MonoTop-615 HB from tools and equipment with water.Hardened material can only be removed mechanically.

Additional Protective and Decorative Coatings

The remaining areas of the structure can be coated with Sika FerroGard-903 to fully protect the steel reinforcement from potential corrosion.Sika MonoTop-620 is recommended as a final fairing coat and additional protective anitcarbonation coating to the patched area and also to the remaining areas of the structure, not yet showing the effects of, but susceptible to spalling due to corroding reinforcement.Sikagard-680S and Sikagard-670W are also recommend as further decorative and protective coatings.Consult Sika’s Technical Department for further information on this range of coating products.

Curing: Suitable curing methods as per the Concrete Institute’s recommended practice, such as plastic sheet, wet hessian, liquid membrane (eg. Sikagard-680S (Finish), Sikagard-551S Primer or Antisol curing compounds) must be used to protect the freshly applied mortar from the drying  effects of sun and wind.


Summary: Sika® MonoTop-615 is a one component cement based polymer modified high build repair and reprofiling mortar, meeting the requirements of Class R3 of BS EN 1504-3