Silicone Soudal MS 35 600ml sausage

Saussage 600ml

Multibond MS35 Seal & Stretch is a high quality

single component joint sealant with high adhesive

strength. It is based on hybrid-polymer.


  • high adhesive strength
  • permanent elastic after cure
  • paintable with waterbased paints

Applications: continued

  • Sealant for water retaining structures
  • Sealant for air conditioning ducting
  • Sealant prior to painting (can be painted once skinned.
  • Sealant for caravan, bus, automotive, etc
  • Sealant around glass and glazing (non- structural)
  • Sealant around glass and glazing (non- structural)

 Summary: Polyurethane joint sealant

Use for expanding joints and façade cladding

Box 12 Sausage 600ml