My Sealer isn't beading anymore. Is it still working?

My Sealer isn't beading anymore. Is it still working?

Leanne Constantino7/14/20

After natural stone has been sealed with a penetrating sealer you should notice that the surface will repel water, resulting in the formation of beads of water on the surface.

Depending on both the type of sealer used and the stone being sealed, the beading may be very pronounced, forming tight beads of water, or less pronounced, pooling on the surface but not readily entering the face of the stone.

Water beading occurs because the surface energy of the water is lower than that of the sealed stone. This results in the cohesion of the water on the surface, clinging to itself forming beads as opposed to clinging to the surface of the stone.

Sealers that have oleophobic (oil repelling ability) as well as hydrophobic (water repelling ability) will show beading of not only water, but other liquids and oils as well.

Beading is usually only noticeable in the early stages after a floor or wall has been sealed, it does not last for the life of the sealer.

The length of time it takes for the beading to relax varies from job to job. Foot traffic can wear down the microfilm of sealer left on a freshly sealed floor, as can cleaning the floor. Depending on the rate of foot traffic and or cleaning, the beading may be relaxed in months, weeks or even days.


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After the beading has relaxed, the water will not cohere as it once did and will cling to the surface of the sealed stone, but the sealer should not allow water to easily penetrate the stone.

It's important to note... Just because the water no longer beads on the surface, it does not mean that the sealer is failing.

The reason we seal natural stone is to provide stain resistance, protecting our stone from a variety of staining, allowing us to clean up spills/stains that may have otherwise become permanent.

While beading is a real sight to see, it's only temporary.


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