Repairing Sandstone

Leanne Constantino9/17/21

Sandstone has a range of colours and natural patterns that make it beautiful. It is a popular choice for patios and terrace applications in outer spaces. Sandstone is a soft and porous material, which is why care and maintenance are so important. Below is some brief practical guidance on repair of sandstone. 

My Sealer isn't beading anymore. Is it still working?

Leanne Constantino7/14/20

After natural stone has been sealed with a penetrating sealer you should notice that the surface will repel water, resulting in the formation of beads of water on the surface. Depending on both the type of sealer used and the stone being sealed, the beading may be very pronounced, forming...

Stain Removal Solutions for your Natural Stone Countertop

Leanne Constantino5/ 3/20

In spite of our best intentions, sometimes accidents happen, and stains occur. Here are some solutions for common problems. You will find some solutions are products you already have in the home that can be used or we can recommend some products from our online store at   FIRST –...

How to Maintain the Beauty of Your Natural Stone Countertop

Leanne Constantino4/24/20

You’ve invested your time and money in a beautifully designed countertop carved and installed in your home, now the question is ‘how do I maintain its beauty for as long as possible?’ We have some tips for caring and cleaning these porous surfaces which are susceptible to etching and staining, especially in...

Which Natural Stone Should I Select for my Countertop? Granite, Marble or Travertine?

Leanne Constantino4/17/20

Granite, marble, and travertine are all beautiful, highly sought-after surfacing materials and each have their own benefits. Weighing the pros and cons before deciding on one or the other for your surfacing project is important. So, what exactly is the difference? Read this blog to help you with the comparisons to make the right choice for you.